mold and breathing

Breathing in Mold

Although this issue has been addressed on website, I would like to reiterate the importance of air quality and health.  Since the last Air vs. Food blog on, two new stores have opened their doors in the Upstate that specialize in organic food.  My niece refers to ‘Whole Foods’ as ‘Whole Paycheck’.  Organically based grocery store success is a barometer of the importance consumers places on the diet.  History has shown that those that care about living a healthy and happy life pay attention to what they eat.  Kroger stores have seen an upswing in business due to their increase in organic products gracing their shelves.  Even physicians have become privy to the fact that what you put in your body will succinctly affect your health.  As a certified yoga instructor, a significant portion of my RYT 200 certification training was focused on diet.  Food is a drug! 85% of what is sold in the typical grocery store has nothing to do with sustenance.  Most grocery stores sell toxins shaped as food.  In an effort to keep your attention, I will shift to stress that Air Quality is as important to well be as what we eat.  Most people eat three to four meals a day, however, an active adult may breath fifty-thousand times a day.  Why then do we discard the importance of Air Quality?  I recently spoke with a physician that specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies (ENT).  When I told him that by sampling the air in his patient’s homes, he was not interested.  By disregarding the air we breathe, we overlook something very important., Douglas Whitehead, has performed more than one thousand air quality tests and is recognized as an expert in the Upstate’s legal system.  Please contact me if you have experienced health issues related to the respiratory system, fatigue, allergic-type symptoms, or unusual health issues.  The signs and symptoms are too many to mention but 864-710-6413 will get you an air test to see what your breath.