My name is Douglas Whitehead. (That is me in the photo.) I began and own Array of Solutions.  With the rapid growth of Greenville County, this question often presents itself; “Who are you?”  Answer: Doug Whitehead.  I founded Array of Solutions many moons ago.  When you call, I will answer the phone.  There is no issue I cannot assist you with regarding Mold.  As a former residential/commercial contractor, I am able to address many construction issues.  All quotes are prefaced with; “Includes but not limited to.”  When you have flooding, air-quality issues or odor concerns call me. I have owned Array of Solutions for nearly twenty years.  The name of my company reflects the fact that I do more than mold remediation, air quality testing, and remediation. (My middle name is Ray.)  The only way to warranty the work is to address the contributing sources to your problem.  Each week, there is at least one new company advertising in the Upstate.  Navigating the litany of choices for Mold Remediation, Air Quality Testing, and Flood Prevention can be daunting to say the least.  Fortunately, Google is rewarding and giving credence to honest reviews.  Regardless of who you patronize, I am always willing to consult with people experiencing mold issues.  Flood prevention and drainage issues are the number one cause of health issues stemming from mold.  sinusitus, Rhinitis, Hay Fever, Fatigue are just some of the symptoms of poor air quality.  Allergic symptoms, skin problems, vertigo as well as memory loss, foggy head and sleep disorders have all been linked to poor air quality.  We think about our diet but we do not always think about what we breath.  Call Doug Whitehead @ 864-710-6413 with any questions or concerns.  Your safety is my future.  I am the least invasive and the most effective.  Pls. read my reviews.