mold inspection remediation

Cost – Mold Removal/Testing/Remediation/Inspection/Crawlspace Encapsulation/Air Quality Testing /Basement Waterproofing

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Customers often ask about all of the aforementioned. Because we do not pay for advertising, articles such as this need to be written to illustrate the standard of excellence Array of has developed over the past fifteen years. The standard Protocol is to ideally view the situation in person and make recommendations. Array of Solutions prefers to begin solving issues with taking samples of the air quality in the home.¬† ¬†Further sampling sometimes requires taking a physical sample. These samples are then taken to a local, nationally accredited laboratory. Once at the lab, certified experts look at these samples under a microscope and create a fourteen-page report. This report identifies and counts all molds detected. If submitted before twelve noon, the results are available the same day to our customer. Mold removal cost, mold remediation cost, (similar but different terms.). Crawlspace encapsulation cost and basement waterproofing costs can then be accurately surmised and presented to the customer. Array of Solution’s goal is to be the least invasive and the most effective. Mold Removal Cost, Mold Remediation Cost, Crawlspace Encapsulation Cost, and Basement Waterproofing Costs are only accurately derived after performing an Air Quality Inspection. Some circumstances do allow for Array of to peruse a legitimate, local competitor’s test results and assist remotely if need be. Ideally, will perform the pre-inspection to accurately execute our job scope. Mold removal/testing cost, Mold remediation cost, crawlspace encapsulation cost, and basement waterproofing costs can then and only be properly presented to the customer once Mold Testing, Mold Inspection has been performed. Please feel free to call me, (Douglas Whitehead: on my cell number 864-710-6413. Your safety is our future. Small local companies that offer big results.