The following is the third article addressing Mold illness, signs and symptoms, how to detect and respond.  My last article left off with the fact that the most common symptom of Mold Exposure is related to respiratory distress.  Additionally, allergic-type symptoms comprise the majority of those affected.  However, it does not end there.

Symptoms of Mold Sickness

Tremors, vertigo, nerve pain, abdominal stress, nausea, appetite change and bowel issues have all been linked to Mold exposure.   Metallic taste, odors, weight gain, (despite all efforts) and night sweats.  Excessive thirst, frequent trips to the restroom, and static shocks have all been reported during my career.

If your suffering any of the aforementioned symptoms, please call me.  As a certified environmental professional, I will assess your situation and perform a test.  From start to finish, this normally takes about 20 minutes.  (If just an air sample is requested, this takes 5 minutes.) By the time I leave, you will know the source of your issue, the remedial actions necessary and rec. a twelve-page report of my findings from an accredited laboratory.   As a former builder, I am familiar with all phases of construction.  My offer of a transferable warranty is contingent on the cessation of contributing sources.  I back all services and am available 24/7 to discuss all questions and concerns regarding Mold issues.   I am also a certified yoga instructor and familiar with the dietary changes necessary to alleviate health issues in this series of articles.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and if you are considering selling your home, it is imperative that you investigate the potential of water intrusion and resulting mold risks.  Call Douglas R. Whitehead II today @ 864-710-6413 or go to; ‘’s blog section.  Here you will find extensive information regarding your concerns.  My next article will discuss the ‘strange but true’ issues I have diagnosed and treated in my career as a Mold Expert.

Douglas R. Whitehead II

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