What is the mold?  How do I know if it is in my Home or Business?  What are signs of mold?  How do I get rid of it?

These are all questions I get on a regular basis as the owner of ‘Array of Solutions’.  As a mold expert, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping people resolve mold and moisture issues.
Mold is in the kingdom of ‘Fungi’ or fungus as it is commonly referred to.  Estimates of how many different kinds of mold exist range from two thousand and as high as three hundred thousand. Molds grow best in humid warm environments and spread by means of releasing spore into the air.  One of the easiest ways of knowing that mold is in your home or business is when you have stains or spots that increase in size over time.  These spots are commonly found on untreated wood, the underside of furnishings, bed frames, textiles such as curtains, clothing and fabric.  Experience has proven that mold counts are usually highest in the lowest parts of your home or business.  Exceptions would be having a moisture source or leak in a ceiling or roof.  Personally, I prefer to apply a commercial grade peroxide on suspicious areas.  The peroxide will react by foaming or bubbling on any area that is aerobic, organic or living.  This method is efficient because the foaming of bubbling is visible where mold is not.  In short, the process reveals what the human eye does not see.  Other indications of mold include but are not limited to; Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Hay-Fever, Respiratory Distress, increased flu and cold symptoms but nearly always affecting the respiratory system.

The best way to know if you have mold is to have a qualified environmental expert perform an air quality test.  The price for this should not be more than $120 per test.  Be sure your sample is taken to an accredited laboratory such as South Eastern Environmental here in Greenville, SC.

Array of Solutions offers to test at the aforementioned price with same day results.  How do I get rid of mold?  The methods vary from a simple three-step disinfecting to demolition and encapsulation.  The question parallels; “How do I fix my car?”  Every case is unique, however, one thing is constant, Array of Solutions will warrant all services provided with a transferable warranty.   Call Doug today at 864-710-6413 with all your mold questions and concerns.  As a former home builder, I am familiar with all phases of construction and certainly will help you regardless of your need.
Douglas R. Whitehead