Black mold desensitization  Upstate SC

As a mold expert in Upstate South Carolina for the last fifteen years, the same circumstances arise time and time again. Black Mold desensitization is all too common when entering a customer’s home. Array of Solutions phone rings when curious customers call with a concern. These concerns range from; “We are selling our home, but did not pass our CL100.” (This is a standard test done by home inspectors which requires moisture levels to be below twenty percent in the crawlspace structural members.). Also common are health concerns; “My child has been suffering from abnormal respiratory issues, unlike his / her peers.” Least common is; “We notice an odor whenever we heat/cool our home.” When inspections are conducted, we always ask to enter the home. Because we do the same thing over and over, year after year, we can smell what home and business owners have become desensitized. That would be the odor of black mold. When mold reproduces, it off-gasses. This is what you would smell in barns, vacant buildings, historical sights, and homes with crawl spaces. However, you may be desensitized to the odor in your home or business and should call a local expert to perform an environmental analysis. is a small local company that produces big results. If you or a loved one has any of these concerns, please call Doug Whitehead at 864-710-6413.