mold and health issues

When inspecting or testing a business or home, Array of Solutions considers a litany of factors. First and foremost is why there is an issue with air quality. Specializing in mold, a simple inexpensive test coupled with taking a sample to a certified lab conveys many things. Intending to protect our customers, we always identify the source before any remedial actions. Moisture causes organic activity. Identifying the source of moisture and correcting it keeps our perfect track record intact. Homes with crawl spaces are notorious for air quality issues. As seen on the local news, my statistics have been plastered all over competitors to add campaigns. Up to fifty-six percent of the air in your home with a crawl space emanates from under the home, or the crawl space. Ideally, we can decontaminate the crawl space if caught in the early decontamination stages. Of the five stages of contamination, level five is one that exceeds one hundred feet and includes the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. (H.V.A.C.). At the point which folks experience a level five contamination, as a small, locally owned company, we can include all steps into the job scope. Our prices are typically one-half of the multi-national outfits such as Serve-Pro, and the likes. If you or a loved one is experiencing undiagnosed health issues including but not limited to; Respiratory Distress, Hay Fever, Fatigue, Skin Rashes, and Allergy type issues, please call Douglas today at 864-710-6413, or visit for your questions.