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Mold is dangerous, and it can be hard to tell if you have it or not until it is too late. If you suspect mold, do not wait another minute! Call Array of Solutions LLC for Greenville mold remediation services today, and we will determine what needs to be done to remove any mold that may be present as well as any contaminated material.



We offer our customers high-quality mold remediation services in Greenville SC at an affordable price. We are locally owned and take pride in our work, which is why we offer such great value for money. Our prices are fair, so everyone has access to quality service regardless of their situation. You will receive:

  • On-Site Testing and Same-Day Results – The first step in mold remediation is to identify the source of the problem by taking samples from different areas of a building. Samples are also taken from any surface that has been contaminated by water damage or flood cleanup. We use infrared thermal imaging and borescopes to find every bit of mold, then take all steps necessary to ensure your property is mold-free.
  • Removal of All Contaminated Surfaces and Materials – This includes all contaminated drywall, carpeting and other hard surfaces. Our Greenville mold remediation services also include the removal of any moldy insulation and wall or ceiling panels that have been damaged by water intrusion or mold growth.
  • Cleanup – Cleaning up debris left behind after removing mold-contaminated materials is dangerous work and should only be -performed by professionals. It includes safely getting rid of mud, dust and other debris that may contain spores of mold or mycotoxins.



Water removal and extraction and basic cleaning is usually not enough to protect from mold growth. Scheduling mold remediation services in Greenville SC ensures that you will be protected from: 

  • Allergic reactions, especially in people with compromised immune systems
  • Respiratory problems for any kids, people, or pets that are exposed
  • A reduction in property value due to mold damage



Email Array of Solutions LLC anytime at [email protected] or call (864) 710-6413. We offer total Greenville mold remediation services and free online consultations.

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