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Neglecting Easley mold remediation services can have several undesirable consequences. Aside from health concerns, lingering mold can cause structural damage to buildings, leading to costly repairs. In addition, mold can spread rapidly and contaminate other areas of the building, making remediation more challenging and expensive.



Whenever you suspect mold growth, you should inquire about mold remediation services in Easley SC and schedule a free online consultation with us immediately.


Our Credentials – The team at Array of Solutions LLC will provide you with expert assistance, including an inspection from a Certified Mold Inspector (CMI) and the removal of contaminated materials from a Certified Mold Remediation specialist (CMR). We also services businesses and hold the Certified Commercial Mold Remediation specialist (CCMR) licensure.


Our Clients Enjoy Fewer Out-of-Pocket Expenses – Your insurance policy will typically cover many of our services. However, insurance coverage for mold-related damages may be limited or excluded if Easley mold remediation services and documentation are not conducted by a certified professional.


DIY Mold Remediation is Often Ineffective – While property owners can perform basic visual inspections and remove a few moldy objects, mold is insidious and requires special technology like infrared imaging to detect and remove completely. We possess the knowledge and expertise to accurately identify and address mold issues. We follow industry standards and protocols to ensure thorough remediation, so you have peace of mind.



Mold can lurk in unexpected places and a serious infestation is often not obvious to the untrained eye. There are several signs that indicate the need for mold remediation services in Easley SC such as:

  • Visible mold growth on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces
  • Musty or earthy odors in specific areas of the building that may indicate the presence of hidden mold
  • Water stains, discoloration, or peeling paint on surfaces that suggest underlying moisture issues
  • Unexplained allergic reactions, respiratory problems, or worsening asthma symptoms



We are proud to be a local company with many 5-star ratings. Unlike other large corporate Easley mold remediation services companies, when you contact  Array of Solutions LLC, you will often be talking directly to the owner! Get the personalized attention you deserve by calling (864) 710-6413 or email [email protected] today.

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