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Mold Sickness Signs and Symptoms: Are You Experiencing Any of These?

As a Mold Expert who has inspected over 1000 mold cases, I am inspired to reveal the following effects of mold exposure.  It is frustrating that many health care professionals including but not limited to; Allergists, Immunology professionals, Eye Ear Nose and throat specialists, holistic professionals and acupuncturists disregard air quality as a contributing factor when treating patients.

MOLD:  Invisible, undetectable and lethal.  Mold is one of the biggest poisons disregarded when figuring out the cause of sickness.  Who is at risk? You!

This series of articles will assist those affected.  By identifying common symptoms, I hope to give hope to the hopeless.

Mold belongs to the kingdom of fungi and breeds via airborne spore that floats until favorable environments are located. Mold grows in warm, wet location both indoors and outdoors.  There is no living space that is immune to contamination.  Mycotoxins are the toxic byproducts of mold reproduction.  Because most Americans spend a substantial amount of time inside their home, the chances of exposure are good if not great.  The ABSOLUTE necessary factor when hosting mold is water/moisture.  Many of us do not know we are experiencing leaks, seepage, excessive humidity or floods until it is too late.

Symptoms of Black Mold Sickness

Many home inspectors do not reveal BLACK MOLD as it can be outside their scope of expertise.  Please follow my series of articles that will highlight the most common and uncommon signs and symptoms of mold exposure and resulting toxicity.   In closing, the number one symptom of mold exposure is related to upper respiratory distress.  Rhinitis, sinusitis and hay fever.  The Upstate of SC and surrounding areas are a prime target for this problem.  If you have any questions, call me @ 864-710-6413 to schedule an inspection.  The next articles will succinctly define the purported signs and symptoms you may be experiencing.


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