mold in hotel room

The photo accompanying this article was taken at a Hotel I recently stayed in.  The purpose of this photo is to stress the importance of heating and cooling systems. (HVAC) plays a critical role in residential/commercial environments.  Unless you live in a tent, you probably have an HVAC unit controlling temperatures in your shelter.

After taking this photo, the unit’s filter was inspected.  My findings and consequential sampling, revealed HIGH levels of ‘Stachybotrys’ or ‘Black Mold’? (as it is commonly referred to.)  ‘Stachybotrys’ is one of the most toxic molds known to man.  Although ‘Stachybotrys’ rarely shows up on ‘’ samples, I began to sample all wall units in my frequent travels.  The findings were alarming.

My research taught me that the average length of stay in American Hotels is one day.  This clearly explains that limited exposure to toxins limits complaints overall.  Customers often report getting sick while on vacation, yet do not consider the Hotel/Motel they stayed in as a poison.  The common denominator/conclusion reached is that Hotels/Motels can often be ‘Petri Dishes’ for Mold, Bacteria and other organic activity.  In closing, spending one day in a Hotel/Motel does not warrant how a sickness began.

Taking off a vent cover in the Hotel/Motel you patronize is quite simple.  Compared to changing a light bulb, it is not much more challenging.  One of the things that indicate an Air Quality risk is upon entering your Hotel/Motel room.  If you notice an overwhelming ‘Lysol’ or odor masking smell, this is a red flag.  The bad news is that front desk will gladly offer you a different room as bad or worse than the one you just turned away.

Please call me if you are traveling and I will personally give you a ‘do-it-yourself’ method to identify ‘Black Mold in your Hotel.

Douglas R. Whitehead