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mold in your home

Mold inside your home? NOW WHAT?

As the owner ‘Arrayofsolutions.com’, my phone rings for one reason.  The scenario usually sounds like this; “Been on antibiotics for mos.,  missed 5 weeks of school and cannot seem to shake this cough!”            “While on vacation, my health was fine, but as soon as I enter my home, I sneeze, cough and am tired.”          “I am a Tri-Athlete, have never been sick, but since moving into this apartment….”                                               “Since moving into my new home, I have had migraines.  My Dr. suggested an air quality test…”

These are some of a few of the predicaments that influence folks to call me.  My name is Douglas Whitehead, and I am a mold expert.  The common denominator of the calls I field is all based on one thing.  FEAR.  The ideal inspection that I perform is one that proves the absence of mold.  Unfortunately, by the time customers call me, MOLD has become more than a four letter word.  Respiratory distress, sinusitis, rhinitis, hay-fever, fatigue, skin rashes/irritation and frequent trips to the Dr. are some of the many signs and symptoms that MOLD contamination causes.

If you or a loved one has experienced any of these problems for an extended period of time, you should do the following:

Contact a local, reputable Mold Expert and request an inspection.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer,?

Walk the perimeter of your home during a rain and see where the rain is going.  Make sure gutters are retaining water from your roof and terminating safely downslope from your home.

Look for irregular spots/stains in your home that change shape size or color.
Purchase a moisture meter, (20-50$) and see what the moisture levels are in your home structure.
Know that Mold favors the wettest areas possible.  This is usually at the lowest level or your home.
Smell is the most obvious indication of mold.
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