Is your health affected by mold?

The answer is a definitive “YES”. Headaches, fatigue, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Hay-fever as well as allergic-type symptoms are all too common when exposed to mold. If you or your loved ones have ever had water/flooding/leaks in your living space, chances are you are experiencing mold, odors, and health issues.

As a Black Mold expert in the Upstate South Carolina Greenville court system, patterns have quickly developed in my consulting practice. What you do not see can hurt you. More importantly, if you have a crawlspace that is less than pristine, chances are you’re affected by V.O.C.’s or volatile organic compounds.

As the Upstate/Greenville, SC continues to expand by leaps and bounds, buyers and sellers frantically contact regarding Black Mold and all risks associated thereof.

When purchasing or selling a home, it is all too common to give credence to “Curb Appeal, location and amenities” including but not limited to Kitchen updates or the number of bathrooms. When a “CL100” is conducted, folks buying or selling do not realize that a moisture reading of 20% or below can make or break a transaction.

The old adage; ‘ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ has never rung truer in Black Mold concerns in the Upstate, Greenville SC market.

In closing, if you or a loved one is suspicious of Black Mold in the Upstate of SC, please call upon reading this.

Not all mildew or molds that appear black are “Black Mold”, (aka Stachybotrys), and not al Stachybotrys appear black.

There are more and more folks claiming to be mold experts in the booming market.

Beware! Call 864-710-6413 before you hand your hard-earned dollars to a proclaimed ‘Mold Company’.

At, we are glad to field any quotes, questions, or concerns at no charge.