Crawl Space solutions Greenville SCUp to 56% percent of the air in your home will come from your crawl space.  Most homes here in the Upstate have crawlspaces.  The ‘Stacking Effect’  a trade term that explains this.  When the water’s introduced under your living space, it can only raise the humidity.  Ideally, Array of solutions takes steps to alleviate flooding.  However, there are instances where slope of property requires installing a drainage system under a home.  When completed by digging a trench, eight to twenty inches from the footing, six to eight inches deep and six to eight inches wide.  We then install a perforated pipe with a screen in the trench.  When appropriately sloped along the perimeter to a low spot where we install a cast-iron sump pump.  A sump is placed with a catch basin surrounded by five-seven stones and plugged into a non-GFI outlet.  Using lowest point of the drainage network, exemplifies how crucial to pump water vertically, check valves are utilized.  A check valve allows water to flow using one direction, preventing it from going backward from where it was removed.  Once Array of Solutions installs french drain in the crawl space, we then monitor water intrusion, humidity and moisture levels of the wooden floor joists.  All aforementioned allows us to succinctly proceed with either tuning of gutters, the extension of downspouts, installing outdoor swale, or landscape river to divert water from the crawl.  Once water intrusion can be minimized, crawlspaces can then be fixed.  This ranges from a simple six mil. vapor barrier, to a complete encapsulation with seventeen mils. barrier, sealing vents, and installing a commercial grade maintenance-free dehumidifier.  Approximate time to complete?: Three to five days, local weather permitting.   Please know that Array of Solutions will quickly respond to your needs for a fraction of the cost of the “Servpro” multi-national outfits.