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The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article under the; “Burning Question” heading. It was published in March of 2014. The article poses the question posed in the title of this article. This is a fascinating consideration. One of the first places I look to determine levels of contamination is shoes. Shoes (mainly leather) host mold pretty quickly and potentially cross-contaminate quite efficiently. Interesting read. Array of Solutions is located in Upstate SC and specializes in Air Quality issues, the cause, the remedy and the preventive steps necessary to maintain a safe and healthy home for homes and businesses. Some of the leading indicators when entering a test site are;
1. When walking up to the front door, I immediately look @ the gutter and supportive drainage system, foliage, downspout locations, gutter guard system, slope and overall maintenance of the landscaping. ( I could provide hundreds of examples and photos of how important the aforementioned can affect your home.)
2. Smell! Once inside the home, oftentimes I am able to immediately detect odors emanating from the mold reproduction process (Off-Gassing occurs during the reproduction process and creates an odor that is hard to forget!)
3. Moisture. The level of moisture in the walls, floors, and ceilings contribute to the RH or relative humidity. Mold cannot survive without water.
4. The symptoms and signs reported by the client. When a home or domicile is contaminated, there are usually reports of respiratory distress, sinusitis, hay fever, allergic-type symptoms often including but not limited to: Fatigue, frequent trips to the Dr., skin issues, irritable attitudes, agitation, fogginess, memory loss and more. Although I am not a physician, over time I have learned that because mold attacks the immune system, everyone reacts differently. There is no blueprint to the human body and likewise, there is no blueprint for the effects of Mold on the human body.
In closing, once decontaminated, it is impossible to implement a cessation of Mold being introduced into the home or workplace. Pets that come and go often bring undesirable spore into the home. SHOES! If concerned that your home is contaminated, a good place to start would be to either remove the shoes or move them out of the bedroom/kitchen / or whichever room you’re frequent. For all question or comments, please feel free to contact me at Douglas @ 864-710-6413. My website is ‘’ and my facebook page is Array of Solutions.
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