Here in the Upstate of South Carolina, heat indexes are often in excess of ninety-six degrees during the Summer. Combined with high humidity, this makes air-conditioning an absolute necessity for many Greenville County (Zone 7) residents. Nearly eighty percent of the mold testing Array of Solution / perform, are in homes built on crawlspaces. The purpose a crawlspace serves is to house the network of Heating and Cooling system, plumbing, electrical, cable and other components. Although this expedites the construction process, there is a drawback.

The air we breath is as important as the food we eat. A not so far-fetched analogy follows;
Imagine that the only way one could ingest food were to be to send it through a network of long tunnels or pipes far away from your eyes and stomach. This would certainly raise a red flag about these portals and their condition. Imagine that after sending your food through this network, you felt ill, the food did not taste as it should and smelled funny. One could then draw the conclusion that there is something in this system that is contaminating your food and adversely affecting your health.

As crazy as that sounds, this is EXACTLY what can happen if and when your Air Conditioning unit is contaminated. All too often, if not properly operating, Air Conditioners can be the source of poor Air Quality. Air Conditioners have a coil and a drain line that, when working properly, should disperse all moisture out of Plenum, Air Handler, and ductwork. If plugged or out of slope, Air Conditioners quickly fill with water. Stagnant water in a dark space becomes a breeding ground for mold. Not only does the humidity in the cool air sky-rocket, so does the risk for mold growth. Call 864-710-6413 if you or a loved one is experiencing any of the aforementioned.