Black Mold in My Rental/Appartmentmold in retal

When my phone rings, more times than not, it is a Tenant that has valid suspicions of Black Mold, or Air Quality issues.  If you are a Tennant, there are many rights you may have that you are unaware of.  If you are a Landlord, you have many obligations to your Tennant based on local case history and State Laws.  I am not a Lawyer, but I am familiar with local and state laws, protecting both Tenant’s as well as Landlords.

Regardless of which side you are on, the first thing that should be done is retaining a professional, well established, local Air Quality Expert. In an ideal situation, the Tennant or Homeowner/Landlord, will express concern and facilitate further investigation/procurement of retaining an expert. More times than not, experience has made this the exception rather than the rule. Interestingly enough, the reason for this conundrum is FEAR. Social Stigma hugely contributes to this fear. ‘’, Douglas R. Whitehead II, (me) spend hour after hour dispelling this hurdle. Additionally, we campaign for stricter regulations within the Air Quality industry. The reason for retaining an expert is to succinctly decipher the extent of your issue. is able to perform a test on site before justifying the expense of extracting a sample and charging lab fees. (My ideal inspection requires no test and minimal consultation.) In the event that preliminary inspection warrants taking samples, the next steps are determined by an accredited, well-established Mold Lab. There are hundreds of types of mold and some are more dangerous than others. (Cancer is more serious than a hang-nail.) If results indicate high levels of ‘Stachybotrys’, (A.K.A. Black Mold), this warrants more concern than low levels of ‘Pen-Asp’, (Penicillium/Aspergillus.) Suggesting a remedial action or “Repair” before testing is synonymous with asking; “What is wrong w/ my car?” before letting a trusted mechanic look under the hood.

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