Mold –

As a mold expert, I have investigated over one thousand mold cases. Doing the same thing over and over, skill sets improve to solve mold issues. Mold is everywhere and plays a critical role in the world we live in. Sampling and lab reports are all helpful in solving Mold riddles. Reliance on customer interaction is paramount to success. Trust and rapport are as important as Mold decontamination as texting is to a teen! (Seriously, my background in Social Work comes in handy for Mold Remediation.) People are the best barometer/index of Air Quality. The enjoyment derived from alleviating human suffering is more enjoyable than remediating Mold.

Periodically, upon answering the phone, coughing, raspiness of voice, sniffling and sneezing are audible. Additionally: forgetfulness, agitation, crying and outright desperation come across the phone.

Me: “Are you taking any medications?”

Customer: “Yes, how did you know?”

People who are exposed to Mold suffer from poor air quality. Symptoms include but are not limited to Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Hay-Fever, Respiratory Distress, and many other allergic-type symptoms. Naturally, people look to alleviate these symptoms. Over-the-counter remedies or trips to the Doctor do not help what is causing their illness. Oftentimes pills worsen their conditions over time. Relying on antibiotics to alleviate symptoms will increase resistance to prescribed chemicals. What is troubling is they are often at the end of their rope. Hospital physicians, Urgent Care Clinics, and Health Care Facilities treat the symptom, not the cause. The fact that health professionals disregard Mold is frustrating. Thousands of dollars are wasted because of this oversight. Anyone reading this, please share to those at risk. Free consult to all mentioning this article, and no call will go unanswered. 10% discount for liking my FB page;

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Douglas R. Whitehead II