Unless your home has radiant heat floors or solar heating, you are probably having to change air filters.  The reason being is that most homes regulate heating and cooling using a network of ducts requiring filtration.  These ducts are either flexible or rigid.  Regardless of the type, all ducting needs to be maintained.  The most diligent, responsible homeowners change their air filter on a routine basis.  Is this enough?  Ever set a glass of ice water on the counter in the summer?  It sweats!  The same principle can be applied to networks of ducting running through open vent crawlspaces. (The photo shows foil/fiberglass wrapping the duct I hold in my hands.) Ducting housed in open air crawl spaces poses the greatest risk to Air Quality.  Most homes in the Upstate built ten or more year ago, house ducting in crawl-spaces.

Compromising this system or (including but not limited to; seal deterioration, drip line clogs, shifting in units. ) trunk lines, ducting, pumps, motors, and discharge drains,  can affect the whole HVAC system.  Cable guys, HVAC, Exterminators or even mold inspectors can just bump any part of the network and wreak havoc your air quality.   Oftentimes this goes unnoticed until mold begins to grow in the home, odd smells fill your living space or much worse, a loved one gets sick!

How do you know?  Red flags or possible clues to ducting contamination include but are not limited to;

Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Hay-fever, Fatigue, Skins Irritations or Flu-like symptoms or increased trips to the Doctor.  Before it’s too late, consider if you or a loved one is affected by any of these issues.  Feel free to speak with me, Douglas @ 864-710-6413.  Arrayofsolutions.com now offers air-duct cleaning at a price much lower than the bigger Upstate Companies.

Douglas R. Whitehead II