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Crawl Space Encapsulation, Greenville SC

Crawl spaces are dirty, dark and wet. This creates an ideal environment for mold, insects, and rodents. H.V.A.C. Systems commonly located in the crawl space are adversely affected. “Stacking Effect” is a term that conveys 50% or more of the air in your living space is the same as that in your crawl space. In short, the crawl space conditions drastically impact the air quality in your home. Implementing advanced crawl space solutions ( encapsulation, insulation, waterproofing) will improve the indoor air quality more than any other effort. Crawl Space Specialist Array of Solutions provides crawl space encapsulation & insulation in Greenville SC. Besides Greenville, our other service area for crawl space solutions are Travelers Rest Greer, Easley, Clemson, Spartanburg, and Pickens of South Carolina.

Though encapsulation is a mainly sealing process, it also includes cleaning and repair of crawl spaces. Yo will get repair of it by removal of mold, moisture, allergens, dust particles and more. After cleaning all these unnecessary things it gets encapsulated by the specialist.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation is the process in which the area below the home gets divided from the living space by cleaning and sealing proces. When professionally completed, this prevents air passage from the crawl space into the living space.

The benefits from encapsulation include but are not limited to:

– Sealing all crawl space vents
– Sealing the earthen floor with a wall to wall vapor barrier
– Overlapping vapor barrier and sealing all seams
Waterproofing foundation walls as well as band joists
– Immediate improvement of air quality in the home
– Increase in energy efficiency / r-rating
– Saving heating and cooling costs
– Increase in H.V.A.C. efficiency and lifespan

Although most homeowners may not be able to take the aforementioned steps, consulting with Array of Solutions will help. We can quickly and accurately offer efficient solutions to your crawl space needs. Complete encapsulation can be done addressing two basic issues. Insulating and waterproofing.

Crawl Space Insulation and Waterproofing;

Crawl Space insulation serves an important function. Insulation helps to maintain the energy efficiency of the home, (saves money) Sealing the space from the outdoors and living space greatly reduces energy consumption.

There are two types of crawl spaces, vented and encapsulated. Either type requires sealing the crawl space thermal air envelope from the living space.

Ventilated crawl spaces without a thorough vapor barrier are a recipe for mold, moisture, insects, and rodents.

Encapsulated crawl spaces require the insulation of the foundation walls, require less subfloor fiberglass insulation, ducting insulation and is ideal when executed with a dehumidification system.

To eliminate the problems of moisture, crawlspace waterproofing is essential. This quickly reduces the risk of mold, insects and rodent infestation.

Waterproofing may also include perimeter drains, dehumidifier, wall matting and occasionally sump-pumps.

Consult Array of Solutions for the best result.

Array of Solutions is the longest standing crawl space contractors in the Upstate. As experienced professionals, we have proficiency, efficiency and price points that are unparalleled in South Carolina. With over twenty years of experience, we have the most organic, efficient and affordable methods to help meet your air quality needs.

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How to Insulate a crawl space with a dirt floor, call Array of Solutions today.