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Welcome to Array of Solutions


Array of Solutions offers prompt, inexpensive mold testing within twenty four hours of your inquiry.   We offer a complete report from an accredited lab with same day results available. You will also receive my professional photos with expert opinion as to pending issues as they relate to your home or business.

Our services include but are not limited to;

Mold Inspection - This is done using a thermal imaging, infrared temperature readings as well as both air and bulk sampling.  Combined with years of experience and expertise, we will be able to not only locate mold spores, but also alleviate the source of the contamination

Mold Testing - Air testing and sampling will determine what is in the air you are breathing.  We offer same day results from a local accredited lab, supported with a 10 page report for your review.

Mold Removal - We are proud to offer several safe and effective protocols to alleviate mold spores and their causes.  Our approach has been so successful that we offer a transferable warranty with every job completed.   We do not cover up mold, we tear it out by the roots.

With years of experience in the construction industry owner;  Doug Whitehead is familiar with all phases of the construction process.  What this means to you is that you will have an expert diagnose and repair for your home or business.  Because we look at your structure / home as a network of systems, we also diagnose and treat all contributing factors that may lead to mold problems.

This includes, but is not limited to;  Gutter issues, leaks of all origins, drainage issues, foundation repair, water, sprinkler and sewer line repairs,  sloping issues and much more.  Not only do we remediate, we correct the problems that cause mold.

Other Services:

Water extraction - We have the tools and technology to restore your home or business to it’s original or better condition in an expedient, efficient manner.  Using commercial de-humidifiers, air-movers, air-scrubbers as well as diaphragm pump systems, we are capable of extracting your moisture or water wherever it may be.

Crawl Space restoration - Crawl Space Restoration is a large part of our business, we thoroughly inspect and sanitize your crawl-space with supportive photos.  All jobs include pre and post testing

Hoarder Cleanup - Hoarding is a hazardous practice and we do offer necessary clean-up to ensure the safety of you and your home or business.

Infrared Spectroscopy - This technology enables us to pinpoint leaks, heat loss and mold source detection.  The camera identifies differences in temperature by assigning colors to the fluctuations.  This enables you to see what the naked eye can not.

Drainage Solutions (including sprinkler repair and install) - We have found that some common contributing factors to moisture problems and mold growth are directly related to improper drainage and dispersement.  In the last few years, this is becoming more and more common with new homes.  Often, builders do not plan for water dispersement as it relates to down-spout positioning and GPM (gallons per minute.)  We are capable of correcting these issues while not disturbing the landscape or aesthetics of the home.

Odor abatementArray of Solutions offers a line of activated carbon filters for absorption of organic compounds from contaminated air streams.  One of the bi-products of the reproduction or ‘fruiting’ process of mold and mildew is odor.  This smell is different depending on the living spores present, however one thing is for sure;  It stinks!  Using air-scrubber,  technology and experience we have a proven track record of eliminating odors.  The methods we have developed over the years keep us one step ahead of any competition.