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Puppy suffers from poor air quality.

Dogs and Mold?

Dogs and Mold

Ever wondered if Dogs could become sick if exposed to Mold? If so, please read on. As a Mold expert, (I have done over three thousand mold test’s and inspections) I am privy to issues that Accountants and Salespeople are not. My phone usually rings because of a Mold issue or Mold concern. In addition to being a Mold Expert, I also appreciate and respect animals and pets. My experiences with concerns have even included Birds and Reptiles.
Today, I am writing this to tell you that your pets are susceptible to Mold exposure. Prompting this article is two consecutive inquiries regarding my company about Dogs and Mold. One customer has had the same 4 dogs since they were pups and upon moving to his new (rental) home, they have exhibited lethargy, nausea and irregular changes are demeanor. Exhausted and desperate, my customer considered euthanizing one dog as all testing and medications seemed ineffective. He did report that when he took the dogs on vacation, all symptoms subsided. An annual follow up inspection I performed on the property happened to reveal an incredibly high level of ‘Stachybotrys’ or “Black Mold” as it is more commonly referred to. Ironically, I had a nearly identical call today and felt compelled to convey this possibility. If you or a loved one are suffering and do not know why to call me, Douglas Whitehead and have your home or business tested for Mold. 864-710-6413. Serving the Upstate for many years, I am happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.